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Has anybody ever used Rotella T Heavy-Duty Engine Oil 15/40 in their wings?
I heard from a few different sources that it is ok to use and that it is also works well in our bikes.
I know....I know.....The oil debate again.... Confusedhock: :roll: ..I don't want to start anything.
I just would like to know if this stuff is ok to use.

I have been using Motul semi. synt.,($35 a jug),changing it after 5000 Kh. but have found that after around 3000 KH, becomes too dirty for my liking.
Rotella, at $15 a jug, changed at 3000 kh would still give me good oil, kept cleaner more often, for a lower price, would it not?

I guess in colder weather the weight might be a little heavy but for the warmer weather I would think that it would be ok.

Has anyone used this oil in their wings???


i sure do.use it in the 85 LTD , lincoln MKVII LSC, dodge grand caravan, amc/jeep eagle 4x4, and the
96 explorer. the LTD shifts better and runs smoother.the gear whine also is alittle quieter.
i use it all the time and love it is great for the clutch too 96,000 miles on the bike and looking for another 95,000 love my wing
I use the Rotella 15-40W in my 85 GL1200I and don't seem to have any problems yet. Of course, I don't have enough miles on the bike to see any long-term problems (99998 miles as of last night).

IMHO, any muiltigrade SE-rated motor oil perform work well in the bike.


I generally use whats on sale - have used the Rotella in the past seemed good
I use Rotella and I ride when it is in the low to mid 40's with no issue. Ifvyou are riding in temps below that it might be a problem I guess.