Full Version: red fuel light blinking
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Today I put half a tank of gas in the gl1200 and for some reason it caused the red fuel light to blink on and off for miles. This annoyed me to the point that I stopped and filled up the rest of the way and sure enough its out now. The light wasn't on when I initially got fuel so this was weird. Has anyone experienced this? I am thinking that maybe the float was stuck or something or maybe the fuel nozzle touched the sensor in the tank?
The float was probably sticking as I don't believe it's possible to touch the float with a gas nozzle!
question: the fuel gauge was reading empty? or was actually giving you an accurate/estimated reading?
The fuel level was reading half tank after my initial stop for fuel and thats when the red light started blinking, weird. It went out after I stopped and filled up the rest of the way. This makes me hope that it doesn't come on at half a tank i know its no big deal but it drives me bonkers.