Full Version: Master cylinder leak
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I changed the plastic covers on both sides to chrome cylinder covers. The front brake master cylinder started to leak after I did that so I got a new seal. It still leaked. It didn't leak until I changed the ugly plastic to chrome. Am I going to have to put the ugly plastic back on or could someone suggest a solution? :? Thanks. Tongue

'84 Interstate Trike & lovin' every minute of it!


If you use the factory rubber and plastic inserts, the chrome covers will leak for sure. I couldn't figure out where an oily mist was coming from. Now I know and have gone back to the stock covers.
Plastic? are they not aluminum? Maybe I'm thinking of different things or maybe I am wrong.

If I am right then remove the lettering and polish the aluminum.
My interstate came with the chrome aftermarket covers which, while they don't leak send a nasty bright sun reflection directly into my eyes whenever I travel at a certain angle to the sun. I decided they were going to be matt black next season for sure. I hate stuff that interferes with my concentration. I have a hard enough time focusing my attention for more than a few seconds as it is. I'm pretty sure my school report cards almost always contained the term "easily distracted".


The stock covers are plastic. There wasn't any kind of insert, just the seal. I had a friend tell me to get some hi-tac and clean off the seal, the chrome cover and the lip. Spray a light coat on the seal and when it gets sticky put the seal back in. If that didn't stop it, have the stock plastic ones chrome coated. Any thoughts on that?