Full Version: Noise while cornering
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I've got 60k on my bike, replaced wheelbearing front and aft last Summer. Noticed lately that leaning into a corner, left or right, I hear a low whining coming from the rear tire area. Tires are 491 about half worn. Could this noise be the tire or should I get the bearings checked?
Thank you
Lex / Coeur d'Alene / Idaho
Some of the earlier models had a bearing housing problem on the rear wheel but I imagine if you had the bearings changed last year they should be ok, check the rear wheel again to be sure. My self I am running the same bearings since new at 195,000k they felt good this winter when I had them off. I would check the tire for cupping.
I wouldnt hear if mine were whining anyway I have my radio on loud Smile