Full Version: Low fuel light out 84 GL1200
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How do you trouble shoot this? Thanks
'84: Low Fuel Warning Light

Place the motorcycle on its center stand.

Check that the low fuel warning light comes on within 30 seconds after the ignition switch has been turned ON with less than 4.0 liters (1.06 gal) of fuel in the tank.

NOTE: The light will not go on immediately after the ignition switch is turned ON.

If the light does not go on within 30 seconds, check for a blown fuse or bulb, loose connector or open circuit in the wire harness.

Replace the sensor if the above procedure does not indicate that anything is wrong.

Check that the low fuel warning light will not light when the ignition switch is turned ON with the amount of fuel in the fuel tank above 6.5 liters (1.72 gal).

If the warning light goes on, check for a short circuit in the wire harness or coupler.

Replace the sensor if nothing wrong is indicated