Full Version: One more thing to check when syncing carbs....
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Hooked the gage up and noticed the left carbs were in sync with each other and the rights were in sync with each other but both sides were way off from each other. Hmmmm, kinda strange but what the heck I'll adjust them. Thats where the fun began. I just couldn't get them to all have the same reading. I finally found that the right side linkage was a bit gummy from road grime or????. A shot of WD-40 freed it up and I was able to sync all 4 carbs to the same reading.Big Grin I've never run into this problem nor have I read about it so thought I would post it as "food for thought" to you folks.
Good tip Mike, thanks for the food. Tongue
Yes a good one, These bikes can get somewhat grundgy considering their age.