Full Version: Air Filter Questions?
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I thought I would check my air filter as the 86 aspy is new to me and I have never checked it.The filter appeared to be reasonably clean but my question is does the OEM filter have oil impregnated in the paper ? Mine does,the Honda dealer quoted me $45 for a replacement .Just thinking that the oil might be restricting my air flow some what and decreasing my fuel mileage Thanks Dave
The stock Honda air filter is dry. As far as I understand, if there is oil involved, it's an aftermarket item. I used a K&N for a year or so and went back to the Honda unit after reading numerous posts advising how the K&N let in more gunk than the dry items. Non-Honda dry air filters can be bought online from several sources at considerably less than what Mother Honda wants.
Thanks Ian Will check out some suppliers Dave
I think the next time I buy anything for this bike I will try to find somewhere other than the dealer. I just bought an air filter, fuel filter,oil filter, and a quart of fork oil @ $79.71. Then they gave me the wrong fuel filter and went back to exchange, $5.31 more for the correct filter, total $85.02. I priced Mother Honda oil @ $5.+ per qt. I will stick to Castrol oil that has done a good job so far. I was going to get fuel line also but they wanted $4.00 per foot. Granted you don't need much, but it's just the idea at the auto parts store you can buy for .30 per ft. So hopefully I can find somewhere else to shop. Take Care Brian