Full Version: alternative fuel pumps
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mark in mesa here. I needed to replace the stock fuel pump on my '86 carb'd interstate
but I refused to pay $160.00 for an OEM replacement from Honda. So I found an alternative
at NAPA for $49.99 plus about $10.00 for a couple of fuel line fittings. It's their part # 610-1051 and it
runs at 1.5 to 4 PSI just like the original stock pump. It only took about an hour to mount it
in the original location. I had to make a small bracket out of scrap aluminum in order to
make the installation look as close to stock as possible but it works great, looks like stock,
and was well worth the time to save over $100! I reused the stock 2-pin connector for the
wires and I also replaced the fuel lines and filter while I was in there. I hope this saves
someone some time and money.
Great post. Thank you very much for sharing the knowledge. :-bd :-bd :-bd :-bd