Full Version: 1985 Interstate Exhaust
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Hi, I purchased a Mac exhaust this winter. Tried to remove old exhaust but couldn't. Glad i didn't because from the posts i read i require exhaust gaskets. Do i need them for the cross over pipe too & where can i get them in Toronto? Do i have to drop the headers in order to get the pipes off & will i need new gaskets for them? Not sure what i need. Also i am searching for a marine radio with out a cd player but has sd slot & usb to conserve space as i would like to mount in same location as the present panasonic. When i find one will post results.Thanks,
Your best bet for the gaskets is the local Honda dealer, you could check the online fiche to see exactly what you might need.

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As far as the radio is concerned if you have the stock radio and it isn't working you can have it fixed at Sierra in Ohio
If it is working you will not get a radio to replace the stock and keep the intercom function as that is part of the radio.
What most do is use and good quality FM modulator and either an MP3 player or a GPS with MP3 that way you can hear the GPS voice on the bike through the radio or the headset.


Hi, Thanks for the welcome. I contacted Mac Performance about the gaskets. They replied that no gaskets are necessary for their pipes between the mufflers & headers or the cross over pipe.They did say if there is a small leak to purchase some RTV gasket maker from the local auto store. Great site. Lots of info here!!
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