Full Version: Greetings from Luray, Virginia!
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Another relative newbie. Bought my '87 Interstate last year, been working on it since.

Delighted to find this forum, and will be active.

Lots of questions, but will lurk a while before I start lobbing tech questions...
Welome to the site Dave! Don't be shy with those questions, that's what this site is all about. Lots of good folks and info to be found here.
Welcome to the Site!! If you can't find what you need in a search, feel free to ask!! 8)


Welcome to the forum Dave. Great place to learn a thing or three!!!! :YMHUG:
Welcome, Dave. This is the place for all things 1200!
Welcome to the site (the best one by far)....

I'll be passing by your way in Oct... Will be heading out to the Rally in the Valley and hit Lurray caverns and the Blue Ridge Parkway afterwards...
Welcome to the site from N.E. Ohio! You've found the right place!

Welcome to the site from Ontario Canada.
Welcome to the site Dave, from N.W. Ohio. Great 1200 info found here and even better people.



Welcome Dave!


Come on in and sit a spell. We can chat about dang near anything. :lol:


Welcome from Mississippi...and another lurker... I visit almost every day reading through the Active Topics and Searching for information about my 1200.

What a great bike, what a great site, what great people.
Pull off your coat, throw it in the corner
Don't see why ya don't stay a little longer


Hey Garyb,
I have a lifelong friend in your area. He's an orthopedic surgeon named Gassaway. Just wonder if you might know him.