Full Version: Hello from Canada
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Just got accepted today. I'm glad to be part of the community. I recently picked up my second Wing, an 86 Aspencade that is in excellent shape with only 41,000 km on it. I also have a nice 1980 Interstate I bought in the spring of this year and it is responsible for causing my Goldwing addiction. I've put 15,000 km on it since i got it in late May. I will say that the 86 is a much..much more refined motorcycle than the 1980. I know I'm going to love it!
Welcome aboard, Ultra54, from the left side of the country.
Keener is that politically or geographically..... :YMHUG:

Any way welcome to the board
Ian can swing both way's Tricky!! :lol: Welcome to the Site!! 8)
Welcome to the site from Baltimore Ontario.
Welcome to the site from the mountains of western Pennsylvania.

Come see us............... Tongue


Another big welcome from the left, er.... the West side of the country!
Tricky, the answer is yes!


Welcome to the forum from way down south.....Texas that is!!! :YMHUG:


Welcome from the Fraser Valley (South West Canada) where we ride almost year round.

Welcome from (and to) Saint Louis, the crossroads center of North America -- where if you don't like the weather or politics (left and right -- whatever THAT may mean :lol: ) you don't have to wait long before both change -- located in Missouri, the Showme state.


And a welcome from a part of the south, Mississippi. (or as we call it... Miss Sippy)
Welcome, Ultra54 from another southern state, the natural state of Arkansas.


A BIG Welcome from the Peoples Republik of NW Ohio. :YMHUG: