Full Version: Turn signals
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My left and right signal lights are not working, were working yesterday. The hazard lights are working fine. Can anyone tell me where to find the flasher for the signal lights? 1984 Interstate.
On my '85 there's a fuse block located under the Travel Computer that has the fuses/flasher relay's. Have you checked there? And also, have you checked the fuses?


I believe that on the 84 the flashers are to the rear of the battery behind the starter relay.
think on the 84 int the flasher and hazards are located up in front in the area of the coils

i'm sure somebody that has one will chime in soon

once you find them switch the flashers around and see if turnsignals work and hazards dont then

have you tried spraying some wd40 into the handlebar swtch yet?
The 84 are located to either side of and slightly below the coils.

Remove seat, remove false tank/shelter, then you will find the flashers at the front near the steering column to the sides of the two coils.

One side is the flasher and the other is the four way.
Thanks. My plans are to take it apart tomorrow . ~O) Now that I know were to start. Thank,again..
I did take it apart ,cleaned the plug on the flasher now its working like new . great site ^Smile^ :d ..