Full Version: Heloo from Arizona
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8) Great site. Bought my first oldwing last year..this past fall myself and a buddy took off on a 8 state western swing that took us a few weeks to complete getting ready for the big one to the east coat via the upper states and down through the south and back home this summer. Its always a good thing to see what everyone else is doing and learning from what they have done. Again great to be here.

A big hello from New Brunswick Canada. This is the very best GL1200 site on the net. Stick around and you will see why.
Welcome to the Site!! When yer headed east and if ya come near me gimme a shout and we'll hook up for a meet and ride!! 8)
And another welcome, this time from the west side of Canada.


And another welcome from Canada's most western Province!
Another welcome from Baltimore Ontario Canada.
Greetings and welcome. When you come to Massachusetts you're welcome to contact me. We'll do a ride. My info is in the member data base.
Howdy from a couple days north of you.
Welcome to the forum from South Arkansas. If you come through this way, look me up.
8) Well the trip is planned to move to Florence Montana via Utah and Idaho. then across Mt to Custer to Rushmore and Crazy Horse SD then up through Minnesota VIA ND(Top Part through Wisconsin across the Mackinaw down the east coast of Michigan through Ohio, Pa and into Niagara Falls..then through to Vermont maybe to Maine haven't figures that out yet. :-\ . Head down through to Gettysburg over to The wall(DC) or Delaware first.. down through NC to Tn and then down through Mississippi to Missouri,Ok and Tex then through
NM and then Back to AZ. Confusedhock:
That sounds like a lot of miles!!!!

How much time have you planned for the trip?
It sounds as if your gonna hit the Blue Ridge Parkway and possibly the Dragon?? If so, give me a shout, I'll give you my phone# and we'll hook-up around that area!! 8) 8)