Full Version: Just a 'hi' from Germany
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I was glad to find your great site dedicated to 1200's only, even though I just own a Standard (hope, that's OK as well?)

My bike ran about 48K, and I've put in lots of work over the past couple of years to make her look nice again. Except of some chromed parts, she's pretty much stock. Can't wait to fire her up again in a few weeks when weather is hopefully getting a little better here!

Welcome Oliver, there are several standard GL1200's on this site so don't be afraid to join in with questions and show us some pictures of your bike.
Welcome aboard, Oliver, from the west side of Canada. Hope to see some pictures of your Standard soon.
Welcome to the Site!! Another Standard??!!!! Confusedhock: Some Pic's Please!! 8) 8) 8)
Welcome to the site!
Welcome to the site from Ontario Canada, enjoy.


Another welcome from the west coast of Canada Oliver! Standards are more than welcome. This is a great site, hope you enjoy!


Hey guys, thanks for the warm welcome! This is how my bike currently looks like. I am going to add some Hepco bags once I found a way to somehow fit a luggage rack to it. 8)

Take care



Welcome to the site from Alabama the "Hart of Dixie". That sure is a fine looking bike :d :d I have one just like it :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Welcome from us here in South Dakota. That is one nice looking standard Oliver!