Full Version: 1985 Aspy muffler packing seals
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Hello all here. What I need to know is the part # of these gaskets for the 85 Aspy. My parts book doesn't show it for that year. Are they the same as the 86 year and or will they fit. Thanks Tony
Try here for part numbers

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Bob **==
if you are talking about the header to muffler gaskets its 18391-429-010

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exhaust to muffler

85 18391-429-010
84 same
86 18392-mj4-670
Those are for sale on EBay here.

Part# 16-5569
OEM# 18391-429-010
$22.50 and $9.50 shipping
ouch cheaper at hdparts,western honda and and oem at that

course after ebay takes their bite the guy aint making much for his effort
Here you go . That guy ain't making nothing for his trouble :lol:

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9.64 from here . Unless he has stolen them from somewhere he's in the hole :lol:
Thanks folks. I'll be ordering them this morning. This is the first 1200 i've had apart that had lots of paste on the splines. Tony