Full Version: LTD owner from Central PA
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hi guys and gals!

Just picked up an 85 LTD w/ 39K on it. It's a little weathered, and the original owner had all kinds of lights and accessories that were killing the battery which i removed (lights) and replaced (battery) and after a tune up (it was sitting for a few years) it seems to be running pretty well.

I had it out yesterday for a few hours and 100+ miles and it would occassionally run a liiiitle hot, and sometimes idle low but only stalled on my at a redlight one time.

i'm doing a few minor cosmetic fixes, getting a few comfort upgrades but otherwise leaving it as stock as possible and plan to ride the heck out of it this summer~!

I look forward to the knowledge and experience on this forum as i become familiar w/ this classic 85 that my friends christened 'The Golden Goddess'!

[Image: IMG_0418.jpg]
Nice bike. Almost seems like there's more LTD's out there than Aspencades, but, maybe that's only because I would like one for myself.
Sharp looking bike.
There definitly seems to be a run on them here lately.. Welcome to the Site!! 8)
welcome to the site

where is central pa......big in the central western southern portion of the state

you could almost say i'm a mason-dixon line hugger

for the most part i dont see anything that should pull that battery down hard unless the stator or reg is going bad,he tried running all the driving lights at once and/or the stator and rectifier connections are toast

electrical is one of the first priorities to handle on a gl
Nice bike.

I'm in Johnstown, if you get the urge give me a yell.


central PA = Carlisle/Harrisburg area

the battery i replaced was a cheap acid-fill type. i put a much higher CC no-maintenance battery and it's made a huge difference in electrical power.

someone already did the hardwire stator mod but i still picked up a new aftermarket stator harness that i'll put in some day.

only other immediate thing is to mount the hitch i bought so i can throw my golf club mount on it! :-) combining my two favorite summer hobbies...


Welcome to the site, beautiful Ltd you have!
I've had 6 Bikes over the years,I tend to hang onto them for a long time. Got my 85 LTD over a year ago,its been the best ride so far. Just returned from a 3500 mile trip of the NW States. 6 to 8 hours a day in the saddle no problem. 25 years old
with a collectors plate on it now, she's a heck of a good bike. My son also just picked up an 85 LTD for a song which he'll restore to like new condition for himself (he's restored a couple of Aspy's already)so if you ever see twin 85 LTD's riding the hwys and byways that just might be us.
Welcome from Northern NJ!

Nice Wheels!



:lol: Now that is a nice ride, if you get over to the east of Pa. I can show you a few of my get out and ride roads.
if you have done the stator connector hardwire at the battery you still need to hardwire the regulator and stator connector at the regulator under the tank

this is a problem area on the ltd/sei's

pm me your # if you need to know exactly what;s involved
Nice ride. Hmmm, sooo what kind of lighting do you now have as left over?
Nice Bike. Welcome to the forum. I have received a lot of help here with my two Interstates. Sure would like to have a LTD.