Full Version: SEI or LTD Exhaust turndowns
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anybody have a set of short oval exhaust extensions that used to be available for the SEI's or LTD's

or even a lead to a salvage yard that might have them
If we're thinking of the same thing, last year I bought a pair of new polished stainless steel exhaust tips for my 1985 Interstate costing about $100 from Saber Cycle.

'Looks like this year they're selling for $119, but I think they're still worth it.

[Image: 93-874a.jpg] [Image: 93-874b.jpg]

They fit perfectly (no gas leaks), blend in completely with the chrome muffler, and wont rust.
seems like the LTD and the SEI use a different length exhaust

the saber tips would work if i had the bottom light bar

ended up just cutting them back till they were even with the bags,not exactly what i wanted but......
It looks like there is one available on Ebay:

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thanks but they look like to stock ones from an LTD

i am happy with what i have now and if they ever go bad i'll put a set of MAC 4-2 with turndowns or go to the motads

put the MAC's on my aspy and its only slightly louder than the sei but weights probably 40 lbs lighter,alot cleaner lines to

thanks though
Yeah, I've been going back and forth with what exhaust to put on the bike. For now I completely disassembled the stock exhaust and replaced all the gaskets. It seems to be working fine for me but I know sooner or later I'll need an exhaust. I'm leading toward the Motab myself stainless seems like the way to go?
nice thing about the motad looks like it is easier to install,price is definitely better too if you need the whole system

but at $700+ s/h its still pricey if i would need just the rear section i'll use the MAC's

but the motad defintely has a plus if you need to drop the starter