Full Version: New member from Ireland
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%%- %%- %%- Hello All.
Just joined up, Trying to find my way around. I have been trying to set up my map location but have given up as it keeps timing out.
I have a US Spec. 1984 Aspencade which I am doing a ground up rebuild on.
I have everything stripped, have had the frame and other parts powder coated.
I have a ton of pictures of the project. Anyone interested in seeing some?
Hello and welcome. Yes, we love pics so bring them on.
Welcome from Baltimore Ontario, we would love to see some pics.


Hello from Starkville, Mississippi USA!

You have THE site for GL1200!

Welcome a-board.
Greetings from New England, Massachusetts that is.
Welcome from Southwest Arkansas, USA


%%- Cead mile failte on New Hamsphire, USA! %%-
Hello lemen and welcome from north Georgia to THE web site for the Honda GL1200!!!

You will find the answers to most any question you will have regarding your 1200 project here. And a Vic said, we love pictures so post them as soon as possible



Russell from Kentucky
Welcome from MD/PA USA
Stop By for coffee any time your in the neighborhood \:d/ \:d/ \:d/

feel free to jump in the chatroom too