Full Version: newbie from Tn
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Just sayin hi, to check out this site. Nice to see a site just for 1200s!
Welcome from southern Ontario
Hey there dkrider and welcome from north Georgia. Where in Tennessee are you from? I ride up into southeastrn Tennessee all the time.
Welcome from Baltimore Ontario


Welcome to THE best gl1200 GoldWing site....from Miss Sippy! (Mississippi)


Welcome. I am in central TN and would be happy to Howdy up if you want. 8)
Greetings from Massachusetts.
Welcome from Southwest Arkansas
Greetings from Indiana!
Tennessean here as well. Just north of Cookeville. Welcome to the site.

LorneG: Canton considered North Georgia or have you moved? I have some property in Rossville, GA (just south of Chattanooga across the state line).
welcome from South West Ontario


And a hearty welcome from the deep south. South Carolina, that is.

Hello and welcome. :YMPEACE:
Is it the bike or the site, or both, that seems to bring new members?

Welcome from Southern California. ~O)
I think its the need to find good friendly solutions that brings them here. :d
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