Full Version: Interstate radio and fog lights instalation idea
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Here is my set up, I thought it may be of interest to other Interstate owners.

Approximate cost
Boss 200W marine radio with two speakers and wired remote $150
Amplified antenna $20
Radio housing and hardware $50
Lights, switch and clamps $60

[Image: thumb.jpg]
[Image: thumb.jpg]
[Image: thumb.jpg]
[Image: thumb.jpg]

If anyone is interested in more details, I'd be glad to share.
Looks like a nice setup, but, darn, I have an Aspencade.


I sure like the lights setup. Did you make the clamps or buy them? What kind of lights did you use?


Vic, start tearing down your radio, sell on ebay for $500, get new radio and send rest of the money to me.

Clamps are from JC Whitney, about $6 each, some stainless washers and screws from Home Depot.
Clamps have 1/2" holes so I filled the gap with rubber spacers, washers overlap and hide them.

Lights are from Kragen auto parts store, painted, cast aluminum body with sealed cover, about $40, I believe "Bright white" label is on box.
Brackets are made of steel, I spray painted over drilled holes to protect against rust, rubber spacers are also compressed between the washers and will help keep the water away.
I replaced 55W bulbs with 35W bulbs, some extra $$$$ there.
Lights have ember coating on the inside of the lenses, these are labeled as fog lights, I need them where I live.

There is no hole in the middle of mounting bracket so I had to drill those and also invert the brackets for the way i mounted the lights.
This is very effective setup for the money spent.

Search for lights brought up all kinds of lights and prices, all the way up to $500 mark and above for set of driving lights, not for my pocket.

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