Full Version: Timing is everything
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After returning a few weeks ago, from a 9,000 mile tour (old RT66 from IL to NM, then Four Corners, Yellowstone, Rocky Mt. NP, Glacier, Baniff, Vancouver, Mt. Rainier and then home via RT2) my wife and I went out for dinner. Afterwards, as I backed up the bike, I heard this clicking sound coming from the back of the bike. After slowly driving home, I put the bike on the center stand and spun the rear wheel. Smooth, with no clicking. Took it off the stand, started it up and clicking returned as soon as the bike moved. Assumed, correctly, that it was the rear wheel bearings. Fortunately, I had a new set on hand. There was no noticeable play in the rear wheel, but I pulled it and replaced the bearings, which looked and felt ok. Put it all back together, and the click is gone. Bike has 142,000 miles on it. Had thought about changing the bearings before I left on the tour. Sure glad I didn't have this problem on the road. Will be replacing the front bearing very shortly.
Glad to hear you got it fixed. Mine was making a loud clicking sound but it turned out to be the u-joint on the drive shaft.
That's just like a GL1200 to get you home safely. I had a tooth on the gear in my final drive. The bike got me home, it sounded like a machine gun going off but it held up until I got home to repair it.