Full Version: got SS brake lines
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Wanted to thank tricky for the artical on the SS brake lines.

I contacted Phillip at <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

Phillip is a pleasure to work with.
After recieving my brake lines and the complete clutch line I sent a message to Phillip about the angle of the banjo bolt at the clutch cylinder. The fitting at the cylinder was a straight banjo bolt and I suggested Phillip put a bend in the fitting. Not only did Phillip thank me for the suggestion he sent a modified angled fitting for me to try. With the angle on the banjo bolt I was able to route my clutch line as the stock line.

The cost is very resonable for the 5 line set. A couple of the lines are routed poorly by Honda and I was able to leave the fairing on the bike while changing the lines.

Once I have new tires mounted I can bleed the brakes. I am happy with the new SS lines.
Did you take any photo's of the project? It's always nice to see how people did their work. Stainless steel lines on my to do list.


Have tried to add a few pics, never thought about taking more.
Just doing some winter maintenance. The hard lines to change was the intergrated right front. The air box was removed to gain access to the connectors for the brake line and the clutch line. The clutch line is one piece.