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ok finally the day came for Tarrna to be started the first time. fired right up ran smooth but..... had a substantial knock on the left side. the PO said the bike hasn't run for 2 years. i am hoping it sounds worse then it is getting frustrated here any ideas to check? could a lifter be stuck from sitting where it isn't pumping up? new belts,oil,plugs,carbs cleaned starter replaced thats about the main stuff
Is it a knocking or a ticking? if its a dicking thats not as bad as a knock. If its a knock and you have replaced the belts recently I would check to make sure that the timiing is correct. I could be wrong but if the tensioner on the belt isnt torqued correctly, could that affect the timing as well? i am sure someone with more knowledge will be commenting soon. If it is the tick a simple shim behind the valve cover will fix that, do a search for tappet noise to fix that.
if its definitely i knock i would have the shop figure out why there is a knock before the engine gets hurt,hopefully the shop will recheck the cam timing becuase even after not running for several years it might tick but should not knock
what did the shop say about the knock?

please tell us you didn't drive it home.if so dont drive it back
no she is still inthe shop. I would say it is a deffinite knock My mechanic seams to belive it is more a tapping. lets see we pulled the valve cover and checked the rockers pulled the plugsand headers to look for anything not where it should be ie fluids metal shavings. he swears the timing is dead on.
There is an adjustment that can be made to the came, you need a special tool to measure the clearance to adjust with the proper shim but that's the extent on my knowledge of that, I am sure neo know what I am trying to refer to or someone else will be able to explain more. I have seen it on the forum before but couldn't find it when searching....
well if its in the shop and the mechanic claims its dead on,throw some mmo or seafoam in the oil and run till it gets warm a couple times at idle,maybe it will quiet down,about all i can advise from here
thank you everyone for your help. this is truly the BEST Goldwing site out there!!
Does this bike have the external alternator fitted?
No sir that is on my list of to dos once i have her running and save the money
If one of the oil ports to the valves is clogged then the lifter will collapse causing a horrible noise like you just broke a piston or something, it is easy to fix though.
while scouring the internet i found a video someone made with the same knocking ill getthe link and post it to give you a better idea of the sound
GL1200 Knock listen and wince. how would i check the lifter and fix it if that is the cause?
That video sure sounds like a collapsed lifter caused by a blocked oil port to me.

If you look inside the oil ports you will probably find one that has some debris stuck in the opening. Mine was a tiny piece of very hard debris sitting at the bottom behind the port that would come up and block the port intermittently, once it was removed everything else worked fine and has continued to do so for several years.
Lower plastic and case guards off.

Valve cover off...

Cam/rocker assy comes off and the clogged oil port is revealed. This oil port is behind the square pressure cup on the front (outside) of the cam rocker assy. This sq. cup squirts the oil out onto the rocker arms as the engine runs.
(Crank the motor with the kill switch OFF and watch)

The oil port is a rubber feed gasket that maintains pressure in the cup causing the squirt... I Think the oil draining down when the engine stops leaves the oil gunk in this hole which causes the build up over time and the clog eventually....

There are a few seals (cam ends I think) and gaskets you may want to order as well as the replacement rubber "wishbone" piece.
ty all for the input.
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