Full Version: Non Honda electrical question
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I upgraded my wife's Yamaha virago rear LED turn signals. The stock we original 2 wire, and the new are 3 wire. I wired the third wire as a running light by tapping into the taillight running light wire. I still have stock incandescents on the front. Turn on the bike and all lights are on as they should be. Apply the new LED Brake light and no issues. Hit the switch to activate the turn signal, and both rear signals flash. If I move the switch to the right, the front right stock with flash and both rear will flash. If I move left, front left stock will flash and both rear will flash. Any help on this will be great......

Thanks in advance,
since leds wont work if connected backwards you must have the "ground" wire on correctly
if you have no wiring diagram next thing i'd try would be disconnecting the brake and turn signals wires and switching them around,almost sounds like u are tapped into a wrong wire.but that's just a best guess
Neo to the rescue again for me

I know the wires are correct, I went off the wiring diagram. I was thinking I either need and electronic flasher or a load resistor. I as leaning to the load resistor because the LED's are for looks and not to lighten the electrical load on the bike. I am just trying to figure it all out to make sure it works. I read online in a google search thata guy had the same issue when he replaced all four blinkers on his ninja. His bike as a single turn signal indicator light. There is a fix where you put a resistor inline on that and it fixes the problem, but it didn't work for him. He did remove the indicator bulb and all works fine.

Now i don't know what to

It's the last on my to do list after I fix my
you may be on the right track,i failed to realize you were replacing the rear bulbs with leds,if so you may well have the use an led flasher such as this
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this assumes that your bike uses a standard 3 prong auto style flasher