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Went to start my 1200 last weekend and it cranked a few times then died. Turns out the starter relay gave up the ghost. Went looking and found many starter relays for $80. - $100. then I found this one <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... MEWNX%3AIT</a><!-- m --> in Canada for less than $30. Includes a one year warranty and free shipping to boot. Got mine in 3 days and it even comes with a spare 30 amp fuse mounted in a special built in fuse holder. Comes out of Quebec so it's a super deal for Canadians but is also a great deal for those in the U.S.
i already bought one as a spare last year but thought that wouldn't be any good since i have done tricky's conversion,but that's not the case actually

since its fused it could also be used as a place to obtain 12v source instead of connecting off the battery and running thru a fuse,the fuse at the solenoid could be used instead,you'd still connect solenoid wires using spade connectors like tricky's conversion does but the 12v pickup on the rightside front could be used as a source

would do away with one less battery connection and a fuseholder,you could changeout the fuse to whatever you needed 30amps or less
The fuse portion can easily be removed intact by unclipping it if you like, but, good suggestion about using it as an accessory fuse for lights, radio or whatever. Just change the fuse to a 10 or 15 amp, as opposed to 30 amp, so you don't fry any circuits.
Vic, your link comes up as a page with many parts on it, listed for ATV. Do you recall who the seller was you bought this from?
Got it from the seller in that link Gary. Try searching his site or send him an email and ask directly for the part. He may have forgotten to list that item or maybe he's out of stock. As you can see on his site he sells many different items for multiple makes.
here ya go gary

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neoracer Wrote:here ya go gary

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Now there's a deal if I ever saw one. Grab it Gary.
guess gary is on his walkabout, now either dodging water droplets or getting suntanned
Let's hope he gets a bit of both so his skin doesn't dry out in the hot sun.
no walkabout, just don't get to pay as much attention here as I'd like sometimes. good price, think I'll grab it! Thanks, Neo
I got one. Came to me real fast and it looks great. Now to test it on my bike comes next.