Full Version: STARTER HARD TO TURN BY HAND: normal or not?
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i took off my starter because last summer Confusedometime start slowly when hot.

so order a kit before i remove starter.

just in case i change bearing , seal,sleeve, the brush was only 2 mm used , i kept it..... and clean armature.

when i did close all it is very hard to turn pinion by hand or 2 finger.

on floor the starter dont dance when i connect to car battery.

reinstall starter on bike , with security switch at off , push button and engine crank as normal. my bike is in my home can not try hot for now.

so do i reinstall muffler and all stuff ? dont know if it will be ok when hot starting this summer.

like i said , hard to turn by fingers........... normal or not

It is hard to turn by hand beacuse of the gear reducer (gearbox). I just rebuilt my starter yesterday also. I found nothing wrong with it, but I am doing a "Rick's Stator" replacement job right now also.
My starter is very hard to turn by hand, but runs good on a battery on the work bench.

When I checked my starter out it was hard to turn as well, I think it is normal.