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Hello everyone from the Lower Mainland BC.
I am new here and have been snooping around at some of the topic discusions and found some answers with out even asking,
I just bought my first Wing, a 1985 Goldwing LE, love the bike but I do need to put on a new muffler.
should be ready in a week or 2, I should also be getting my Collector plate by then and looking forward to meeting new friends in the biking world...

thanks.. Johan
Welcome from the middle of Texas! I plan to be passing your way later this summer.

As you've already learned, this is a great site with some great folks.
Welcome to the site from Terrace Johan. I ride a 1985 LTD as well,my ride of choice.My son in Chemainus has a twin to mine and his riding buddy in Port Alberni also has an 85 LTD.This is the place to find info about these classics. Like you, we have our collector plates.
These 1200's are excellent bikes, we tour every summer stateside.With proper Maintenance and TLC who knows how long these bikes will be around, mine looks as good today as the day it came out of the crate and runs just as well. 90,000 K

Robert \:d/
Welcome from Baltimore Ontario.
welcome to the site from mid md/pa area


Welcome from the Left Coast U.S.
MLB Angels
NHL Ducks
Trying to get the NBA Kings from Sacramento.

Oh, and that house where Micky Mouse lives, D-Land.

Enjoy the ride, and when you can't ride...enjoy the read......Great site (*) (*) (*)
Welcome from Ohio!....Smile
thanks everyone for the welcome, nice to meet you and hopefully get a chance to meet in person someday..
here is a picture of my bike..

Welcome from Buffalo, NY. And enjoy one of the best bikes in the world!

Welcome to the forum from Southwest Arkansas.
Another welcome from NE Ohio!
Welcome from Indiana \:d/
Hello from Georgia and welcome to THE best site for things related to the GL1200

Lots of great folks with a wealth of knowledge
thanks everybody, I have been through many of your areas as a truck driver for the past 20 years.
I still drive truck for a living but now I work close to home and home time to ride and I bought a Wing because I wanted something comfortable for both Deb and I to ride together..

since joining this Forum I have learned a lot and I am greatfull that you are all so knowlegable and happy to help others with their issues,
I hope that I can do the same for someone else as well.

thanks again everybody..
well ICBC decided that my pictures were not good enough and they rejected my collector's plate, :roll:
I took some new pictures and and sent them off today and hopefully they will be happy this time.

all this even though the bike had a collector's plate on it when I bought the bike..
I'll update you guys when I finally get it.. :d
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