Full Version: I need new pipes I believe, anyone know where to get them?
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I took my 86 gl1200 aspy out for a spin. When I fired her up, I noticed the leaves under my bike blowing to the sides. It would appear I have a leak where the pipe joins the muffler. The guy at the repair shop informed me that I couldn't get new pipes. I figure if someone here can't tell me where to get them, then it is probably true that I won't find them. The guy said that they could start trying to repair but would probably open up a can of worms as the pipes appear to be rusty. Any suggestions how to repair or where to buy replacements?

Thanks for any help!
Try this.

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A board member has new in box for sale:
I don't know if you are interested in aftermarket ones but I am installing a set this weekend.
they are Mac pipes and I can let you know how it turns out if you are interested..
here is the link to what I bought.. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... 31&ez=1985</a><!-- m --> Honda GL1200L Gold Wing Limited~q=fitaa4915zzisidaa6zz~r=fidaa121zz~
How did they turn out?
EricGL1200A Wrote:How did they turn out?

Hey Eric, I tried the pipes on my Bike and I like them, they are just slightly louder then stock but it is very little..
however I can't use it because I have a trailer hitch and the angle is about 1/2 nch too high on the pipes.
so if you don't have a trailer hitch on your bike then they would work great and the pipes slide right onto your stock headers
and you don't need to buy the headers if yours are fine..