Full Version: My Babe's new ride . . .
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Back in May my wife took the motorcycle training course and got her motorcycle license. Today she is a very proud owner of a 1988 Honda Shadow VT600C VLX. Yep, we kept it in the Honda family. Here she is after her maiden voyage riding it home. She thought I was going to bring it home, nope, it's your's, you're riding it. It's been stored for a bit so there's lots of cleaning and polishing to be done.
Excellent bike and congrats Mrs. Roleketu!

This was my very first street bike and I got many years of trouble free service and enjoyment out of it. The only thing I didn't like was the small gas tank, but that's a pretty small detail. That is a great looking bike and she looks like a kid in a candy store!

Safe riding!
Congrats to the MRS!!!!!! Nice wife is looking to upgrade to a shadow as well, an 1100 ACE. I remember when I bought my wife's virago, I had to ride it back because she only had her permit then, and it was a monsoon out!!! Since then she hasn't ridden 2-up with me.....not sure if I should take offense or not..... B-(
Congrats to your wife, she looks at home on the shadow.
Congrats! That is a nice looking ride.