Full Version: Radio and Intercom noises
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I know someone (maybe several someones) have experienced this problem.
Suddenly my '86 GL1200A began producing real bad noise out of my headsets.
A. FM radio noise is very quiet at HIGH speeds but intercom squeals. At low speeds, oh Lord!
B. Noise nearly completely disappears when I put on the brakes.

So, what's the diagnosis and whats the cure.

Thank you in advance for sharing your wisdom with this new OldWing rider.
sounds like the radio connections on back have gotten loose,try cleaning the terminals with some electrical cleaner and maybe gently prying the connector terminals out a little,this is a common occurrence on the wings
this doen't mean that the radio has developed some bad components and connector problems, you might see if anyone near you has a radio you can swap out
at worst might require a trip to sierra for repair

forgot to ask,what happens when you use the regular speakers?

welcome to the site from mid md/pa area
I have some of the same problems on mine as well. Gonna spend a few hours today going through and cleaning everything out! Good luck on your fix, and welcome to the site from Texas! Ride easy.
let me know if you find a fix mine is same way works fine on speakers but intercom squeal youuuuuch
Figured out what was going wrong on my end. Simply some loose and dirty connections. Cleaned and tightened, she sounds purdy!!! Good luck on getting your alls fixed

YES, Same noise comes from the speakers too.

Pulled the radio again, hosed it down with cleaner, no joy there.

I'm sure it's electrical because it sounds like old fashioned generator noise.

Maybe loose wires. but where?

OK, one more item to add to the mystery:
I think it began after I had all the juice cook out of my battery a few weeks back when it was in the 110's and I refilled the battery and charged it up again.
I'm not convinced it's putting out 12V (voltmeter reads 10)

I have no idea if that has anything to do with it.

Thanks again.
My CB and Intercom are now acting all wonky again. Think I might just invest in something aftermarket. Be kinda nice to have new technology on the bike as far as audio goes.
That problem has been around since the bikes were new.

If you had a volt meter on the bike you might see that when the system has reached over 14.2V the problem starts, that is why when the brakes are applied the noise cuts out.

When the external alternator is installed which is regulated to 14.2 there is no problems. On a stock alternator charging can reach 15v making the intercom and CB unusable.

A bike I acquired recently has the same problem, I do have the external kit to go on but in the meantime I have a pair of running lights I use. I watch the voltmeter and unless I am in slow moving motion it solves the problem.

It could be a ground problem, I never did find out. I remember seeing a good article on the problem on another forum but cant locate it right now.

I like the idea of the J&M unit to replace the stock CB but I prefer my tunes coming through the speakers and just use my headset for intercom.
I DO have a voltmeter installed on right panel and it does seem to overcharge at times.
Now, I just wonder if it does that because the battery generally reads 10V and if replacing the battery will make it better.

An aftermarket alternator sounds way over my head.

Thanks all, again for your wonderful support.