Full Version: Exhaust Gasket stupid question
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I have attached a picture can anyone tell me if the head in the picture has a brass exhaust seat of if this is the old exhaust gasket. I was about to remove them but I do not want to do more damage then good. I am replacing my head gaskets and would like to ride as soon as i am complete. Thank you

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click on exhaust gasket
Yes, that's the old "crushable" gasket. A lower end set or a complete gasket set should have those included. Here's an EBay exhaust gasket set so you can see what they look like.
They will come out by using a thin screwdriver to pry them out, I had three of them crushed flat on my head when I replaced mine, they were stacked one on top of another..
I can see how someone could stack them. I already have new gaskets and only asked because i had a hard time believing that they could go from what they look like new to that crushed piece of brass i see left. I will get to trying them out. thank you for the responses
I just replaced a shift shaft seal on my 1500; Had to remove the exhaust headers to get to it, the copper header gaskets are the same as the ones pictured, they look like skinny donuts! :mrgreen: The torque value to reinstall the header nuts (on the 1500) is only 7 ft lbs! I can see how someone might want to crank the the header nuts & crush the gaskets! Don't do it!!.. Confusedhock: