Full Version: Greetings from N.E. Lower Michigan
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Hello all
My name is Jerry I ride a 1986 GL1200 Aspencade Blue name Stella (A.K.A. The other woman) according to my wife.
Because she says I spend more time in the garage with her (Stella) then I do in the house :-@ .
I have been riding about 35 years off and on and have been waiting about 30 years to sit in the front seat of a wing.
It finally happened about two months ago.
Welcome aboard, Jerry. Seems you have an affliction which is shared by the majority, if not all, of the members! :d


Welcome Jerry, from lower California.
I haven't named the Aspy for fear of blurting out her name in the middle of the night. :d
I call the standard "Elmer" to make fun of my HD friends.

Enjoy the ride.
hello again jerry
Hello and welcome from north central Ohio.... :lol:
Welcome, and congrats on finally getting the 'wing. I also waited for the day to finally get one. One of the best bikes ever built.
Welcome from BC Jerry! Glad to have another enthusiastic member in the Goldwing family!
welcome to the site from mid MD/PA area

glad you finally got your dream ride,all i can is enjoy

take the wife for a ride maybe she wont mind you working on "her" so much
Welcome from Massachusetts. Remind the wifey that when you're working on the Wing in the garage, you are home and can be found.
Hello and welcome from just north of HotLanta Georgia.
Welcome from Baltimore Canada.
Welcome from NE Ohio Jerry.

My first introduction to the forum could have read exactly like yours except my wife loves to spend as much time on the wing as I do.
Hi Jerry, it's great seeing another Michigander on the forum. This is my second summer with my Aspy. and my daughter and I took our first weekend ride to northern Mich. We rode around the Leelenau Penninsula, up Old Mission Point and ended up in Petosky. The bike performed flawlessly as expected. When we take a trip in Mich. we go "up north", since you are already "up north" where do you go?
Hello, and welcome from NW Tennessee! I saw my 1st Goldwing back when I was about 15 years old. I have owned mine about a year now. My only regret, is I didn't get 1 sooner! Enjoy the site, there is LOTS of good info here, and plenty of helpful riders.
Welcome to the forum from Southwest Arkansas.
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