Full Version: Just wanted to say greetings from central MI
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Just joined today after checking the site out for a few days, this forum certainly has a wealth of information within. I hope at some point I can meet and ride with you all :lol: I just finished a ground up restoration on a 1986 1200 Aspencade. The bike is a wonderful ride. Been piling the miles on it since finished, 2800 miles in two weeks :lol:. Anyway just wanted to say HI to everyone, and hope I may be of some help to everyone. Been riding street bikes for 39 years, and will continue for as long as I'm able. Done alot of wrenching in that time too. To all, be safe and enjoy the ride.
Welcome from central Indiana. :YMAPPLAUSE:
Always good to have another wrench on the forum

Welcome from SW Ontario
Welcome from Kansas City! Enjoy you bike... doesn't sound like it will gather much dust sitting around.

Welcome, Jimmy. Can you post some pictures of your restoration?
Welcome from Arlington, TX! Enjoy the ride, and have fun with it!
Hello and welcome from Georgia, just north of HotLanta.
Greetings from Massachusetts.
Welcome Rambo from a little bit north and east of you.
Sounds we both have the same wing 1986 blue Aspy here.
Welcome from Baltimore Ontario