Full Version: self canceling signals
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Hi all . First post of many problems, so here goes. I'm slowly trying to change over to led lights. I've changed the front marker/signal lights over to leds and also changed the flasher unit to a led friendly unit. All works fine except the self canceling feature does not work. My question is did I miss something or is this the way it works. I really like the self canceling signals and would love to keep it. Thanks
Do they self cancel if you put the regular bulbs back in? Just trying to find out if the cancelling unit is bad or the angle sensor is bad or if the LED's don't trigger enough load to energize the self cancel.
Yes self cancel works with normal bulbs. With one led and regular bulb per side the self cancel will not work,(have not tried with two leds per side)just keeps on flashing until turned off manually. Anyone with leds have this problem?
I was considering changing to LEDs myself but now I am not sure. Since they are not brighter then incandescent and with the having to change the flasher and lose the auto cancell as well as the tailight out warning system. In my case I just don't see it as being worth it. All of my added lighting is LED's and I dont use driving lights or heated gizmos. Just my 2c worth.
Even if you were to add a resistor in series to equal the amperage draw of the incandescent bulbs it essentially defeats the purpose of the LEDS and I can't think of any other work around to make them compatible with the auto cancel. You would need an electronics engineer to go inside the cancel module and do a rework to make the system compatible with the LED's.