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I am a new member from Redding, CA
I have a 85 Ascenpade and the stator is gone. I was pulling the battery to charge it and it slipped out of my hands and pulled the wires off of the solenoid. I need a little help with the placement of the Red, Red with white, Green with red and Yellow with red wires.

Thanks for any help
red, & red/white go at the front when looking at the bike from the left side, they are live all the time, don't matter which way but normally heavy red is on the left.

The other two go on the rear, doesn't matter which way, they close the solenoid

If you have the solenoid out of the bike, put a 12v source across the back ones you should hear a click.

Don't put 12 v source across the front you will get arcing as those two are connected together inside the plastic
which direction is the "front"
There are two nuts one is where the positive form the battery connect, then 2 spade connectors then 2 more spade connectors, then a large fuse.
The dogbone fuse is facing front. The two nuts are at the back. One connects to the positive battery and the other to the starter motor cable.

At the back of the solenoid there are two small plastic hooks, you might call them, they slot into the rubber holder for the solenoid.
Thank You Very Much
Worked Great
Tricky is slipping a little bit...

Usually whenever he gets a question like this he points the poster to the posts about removing the dogbone fuse an replacing it with a blade type.

Also look into the Stator wire posts. If your stator is gone(you can search these forums for the test procedure), you should consider a Poor Boy conversion. But make sure the stator is bad first. Make sure that is is not just a bad connector(the 3 yellow wires next to the battery....).

Anyway Good luck! Smile

PS Tricky is VERY good.... ^Smile^