Full Version: Airplane Gold Wing
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What was he thinking???? :d :d :roll: :roll: :?: :?: B-( B-( B-( B-( B-( B-( B-(
Love his description!

"and drive it darely"
Better watch it if buying 'cause the guy could be "flighty." :lol:


I'm going to look at it tomorrow. :d Wish me luck. :YMHUG: Poorboy
Wow! Bidding for the Airplane Gold Wing starts at $7,000. How much would it cost with wings? Confusedhock: :lol: Confusedhock: :lol:


Unless he has relisted it the add has been pulled from Ebay. Porboy


I went & looked at the 3 wheeler today, not bad. It was built using a real airplane fuselage. I think he said is was a Beechcraft. It still has the airplanes dash, seats & the right door is stock. He had to make the left door as the plane did not a one on the left side. He used the complete 1500's frame minus the fork assemly. The front suspenchion is Mustang ll. Over all a pretty neat ride. Poorboy

An no I didn't buy it(no money)