Full Version: IIIII'm Baaaack!!!!
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I am back. & very glad to be. But first I must apologized to the members that I was a total B at. I really am sorry. I have been going through some pretty heavy stuff including finding out that a very close friend of mine was murdered 11 months ago. I have got my meds figured out & am on a pension now. Despite that I have been away for almost a year, I still have lingered around & have recommended this great site to any & all 1200 owners I have come across.
Always good to have you back Angela. I know you have come up a few times in threads, so you know you were missed.
Welcome from Michigan.... :d
Welcome back Angela, I am glad to hear things are going better for you.
Great to see you back, Angela.
Great too that things are getting better for you.
Lemen Wrote:Great to see you back, Angela.
Great too that things are getting better for you.
First I want to say thanks to all and then to Liam, you are one of the ones responsible for part of my comeback. Always & forever Thanks Liam. You are Brilliant. :d :d
Welcome from KY :d
welcome back Angela.. :YMAPPLAUSE: :YMAPPLAUSE:
Welcome back Angela and I hope that everything goes well for you. Always, always remember to send a PM to me personally, first, before cutting somebody down on my site so that I can help you think about what you are doing before you do it. That way you can remain a member on this site for a long, long time and your membership here will be safe and secure, otherwise it's instant banishment for you or anyone that intentionally tries to hurt a member on this site. Arguments, debates, differences of opinions and discussions are all normal and welcome on this site,but, racism, belittling, degrading and just out and out being nasty for no valid reason will get anyone a swift boot off this site very quickly. 'Nuff said, so, everyone have a great day.
Great to see you Back Angela
Good to see you back Angela, and glad that things are better for you.
You were missed, so stick around for a long time