Full Version: Help on my starter
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Ok I pulled the engine and put a new stator in my 1984 aspencade. I get the motor back in after cleaning and painting it. Then came the fun stuff. I try starting the bike, and it turns over very slow. I think ok bad battery. A friend gives me a battery, I charge it try the bike. All I get is click. So then I have that battery tested no good. So I pull the battery from my truck. All I get is click. Test soleniod, its good. Wish bone fuse, good. Some one says grounds are bad because I painted the motor. Put grounds all over the place, ground motor, frame etc. etc. Nothing but click. I then decide to jump the battery straight to starter, nothing.. Ok bad starter, find a guy that has a start for 84 honda. I buy it.. After pulling the old stater out I find the new one is Bigger. The dia. of it is larger. The wire connection is closer to the head of it then the old one is. So I start thinking does the new starter go in a 84 aspencade or a 85 and newer goldwing.. How do I tell... The guy said it should fit. Does anyone know the difference in them.. Did the guy mistake the starter or what. HELP


The 84 is a 1 year starter. It has to be off an 84 only. 85-87 are different. Poorboy

Mesure the end of the starter where it goes into the engine.
You now know that you need a new, fully charged battery. Put one in before you go any further. It's best to have one instead of using jumper cables at this point. Your new charging system will like it too. As poorboy said, I don't think that newer model starter will work....

Why not take the original starter apart and clean it out? I bet it's packed with brush dust. If you have the talent to remove the engine and replace the stator, then you could easily remove and clean out the starter. There are starter rebuild / brush kits available for your starter. Easy job too. Many posts and pictures here on this site about doing the job. Just do a "search".....

Good Luck !
The starter is a really easy part to disassemble, clean, replace parts and reinstall. It is a rare occurrence that one cannot be easily rebuilt on your home work bench.
Thanks guys. I am going to tear it apart and clean and put new brushes in it. I found them at the honda dealer under $10.00. I ll keep everyone posted. It my take a while very busy.... Thanks Again Everyone
Be sure to add a ground wire between the brush plate and the end cone/case of the starter too. The starters get slow, especially when hot, when the contact between the plate and the case gets dirty.

Here is a very good description of removal and rebuild of the starter on your bike. Note that the 84 starter is unique and not like the 85-87 nor the 1100's. The rebuild kits are available on Ebay, but make sure it is for the 84 starter.

[Image: strmod2.JPG]

[Image: strmod1.JPG]