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Are the header pipes on the 1200 interchangable on all years.
Now don't quote me here, but I think there are different shaped gaskets/header pipes at the headers, the earlier ones were rounder, and the later years more oblong?
There is a possibility they might.

here are the micro's
pretty much think they'll work biggest thing i see is all the little attachment pieces for the shrouding around the pipes are somewhat different between some years
From my experience the only differences are how the header pipes dump into the collector, 86-87 have a more streamlined flow into the collector to improve scavenging. Either front pipes will interchange on all years and both use the same muffler
OK, thanks guys. I happen to see a nice pair on ebay, but they were listed for an 84-85 GL1200. So that got me to thinking. I always assumed that the headers fit all 4 years!
I just looked up the header gaskets online and they show the same part # for all years.


I have a cross reference program that shows the following

Part # = 18350-MG9-901
Part Description = BODY, MUFFLER - (replaces 18350-MG9-003)
Model Count = 6
GL1200A-E 1984 1200 GL1200A Goldwing Aspencade Touring
GL1200A-F 1985 1200 GL1200A Goldwing Aspencade Touring
GL1200-E 1984 1200 GL1200 Goldwing Standard Street
GL1200I-E 1984 1200 GL1200I Goldwing Interstate Touring
GL1200I-F 1985 1200 GL1200I Goldwing Interstate Touring
GL1200L-F 1985 1200 GL1200LTD Goldwing LTD Touring

If you want me to check out a specific year let me know