Full Version: Hello, I am new to Goldwing world.
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My wife hated the 1993 Honda 750cc Nighthawk I had. She wanted floor boards and arm rests.
Then she bought me a 1984 Honda Aspencade GW.

I am amazed of the power and handle of this heavey motorcycle. It handles bettter than my Nighthawk.

Yes, I dropped in my garage already, but not to the floo. To a shelving system that broke my left mirror right off and broken the wrap around windshield near where the mirror is.

I know I will need help.

I will be riding it about 880 miles per week for school and work.

I like to know if anyone lives closed to Port Charlotte, FL.

I hope someone that lives near me could help me out getting the bike ready for college.

1984 Honda Aspencade.
1993 Honda 750cc Nighthawk.

Thank you in advance.
Welcome to the forum Dan! Congrats on the "new to you" Wing. It is a nice ride and will be able to handle all those weekly miles your gonna rack up.

Broken mirrors, trim and windshields are an easy fix. Should be able to handle it yourself.

I'm sure someone from Florida will chime in. Lots of members there.
Welcome Dan!

You came to the right place ... and you live in the RIGHT place. :d

Wow! Your wife bought you an Aspy? (Does she have a sister? :lol: )

Today, it's expected to warm up to 16 °F (- 9 °C) with sheets of ice and snow on the roads, where I live. So I'll be adjusting this and that on my GL1200 in my under the house garage (heated with a portable 10,000 BTU LP heater from a $20/refill tank, that on these days can keep my garage at 65-70 °F for about four hours = $5/hr Confusedhock: ).
But O.K., so instead of visiting local gambling casinos or taverns, I'll adjust this and that on my GL1200 while it's 16 °F outside, although I'd rather be riding. :cry:

See what you save by living in Florida?

The "good news" about replacing your broken mirror and windshield is to replace the windshield you'd have to remove (then put back) the mirror anyhow.
Welcome, Dan, and congratulations on having a wife who chose the best model and the best colour! :d
welcome from cold and windy mid md/pa area
I know there are a couple of riders in the Fort Myers area, you could maybe ask in this forum <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w -->

I wintered down in the Sebring area last year but not this year unfortunately, I could have helped a little.

If you ask directly in our forum for any specific problems we can usually help.
Removing/replacing mirror -- windshield by Haynes

Mirrors and windshields can be removed and attached with ordinary metric sockets and screw drivers.



Two ways of avoiding dropping a bike in the garage (I've done it once or twice), assuming putting it on its center stand in the garage is difficult, is either to install a wheel chock, and/or get two jack stands [which is what I do] and then: 1) get off your bike with the side stand down; 2) Under the right side engine guard, place a rubber-protected jackstand; then standing on the left side, you push your bike onto the right side stand as you wedge the left side jack stand under the left side engine guard. I routinely do this before my bike is lifted up in the air about 4 feet off the ground on its hydraulic lift. The lift is similar to what is sold now at Harbor Freight, but 1200 lb capacity and lifted by an air compressor instead of by foot. Luckily, I was able to buy it at a reduced rate ($700 including delivery) from Harbor Freight before they discontinued it. This jack stand routine ... at least for me ... prevents the bike from being dropped, keeps the bike level (so's the engine oil is distributed evenly on both sides while the bike is idle), and a level bike is easier to work on .... at least for creaky me. :d
How about stupid thing I forgot the kickstand was up. Lesson learned.
floridamtbiker99 Wrote:How about stupid thing I forgot the kickstand was up. Lesson learned.
You are not the first & you won't be the last. Just piuck youself up & laugh it off & ride. Welcome to the best forum on the web dedicated to these beautiful 1200's from Canada's west coast. I hope you enjoy all that sun. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :d :d :d :d :d :YMHUG: :YMHUG:
floridamtbiker99 Wrote:How about stupid thing I forgot the kickstand was up. Lesson learned.

'Done that one ... and worse.

Five years ago, my first Wing was a '79 GL1000 ... and pulling into a parking lot, as I pulled into a space BOTH my feet were still UP on the pegs ... for a split second AFTER stopping. Guess what happened next? Then 1-1/2 years ago, I parked my GL1200 up on its center stand atop an old crumbly piece of old thinly paved roadway in an alley. When I tried to leave and get the bike off its center stand, the left leg drug through the pavement into sand under the surface. There I was, half in and half out. I had to get a security guard to pull forward on the front fork as I leveled the bike ... and together we pulled it out of the hole.

Experience is a GREAT teacher! :d "Makes you slow down and see what's going on around you. :YMHUG:
floridamtbiker99 Wrote:How about stupid thing I forgot the kickstand was up. Lesson learned.
Confusedhock: I did same thing, I will try to remember in the future if I think about putting it down to put it down. Also I will try to remember to hang on to the bars when stopped, as it will not stand alone. Crazy thing. My bad. Man! Oh well maybe next year. ~O) ~O) ~O)


Welcome Dan, I have never forgotten to put down the kickstand, however I have forgotten to put UP the kickstand (don't do that).
It could be hazardous to your health. B-( I've been lucky not to have been catapulted onto the asphalt. Turning right while the kickstand is down is a E-ticket ride that I'm sure would result in more than a broken mirror and windshield.
Enjoy the ride.
Welcome aboard Dan from Georgia, just a little north of Atlanta.

Lots of help available here, just have to ask.
my name is Alfred, im a newbie here. I really do like your forum and really interested in things you discuss here, also would like to enter your community, hope it is possible:-
Cya around, best regards, Alfred
Посетите сей сайт
welcome to the site from West Coast Canada.. :YMAPPLAUSE: :YMAPPLAUSE:
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