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what is involved in tune up and fuel adjustments on an 85 limited? Being fuel injected what is involved in idle adjustments, and flow(rich,lean ect..)? I' m not a mechanic but i am trying to learn. thanks.
about the only thing for a "tuneup" would be setting the TB sync,injector cleaner, and some new iridium plugs,fuel filter and air if needed

other than that there is not much "tweaking" you can do unless you delved into changing the TPS voltage and other sensor outputs, but that would most likely be something you would need an onboard aftermarket scanner and/or a exhaust analyzer,well out of this person's budget and expertise

unless the mileage and driveablity really gets bad,time and expense just isn't worth it for me....imho

maybe others may have a better grasp of the fi system
thanks, still trying to figure out how to get to air filter with out ripping out alot of wires.
if you take the false tank cover off there is a fuse box on top of the air filter which just pops off,
just unplug the 2 plugs and then you can get the air box cover off quite easily..
I had mine out when I did the stater last summer, it wasn't very hard at all..

please feel free to ask me anytime you like and I will be happy to help you any way I can..
thanks for the advise. i wasn't abel to get into the post because of the error bugs.
Anyone help me find the fuel filter? I have a 1985 Ltd with 17,000 miles on it.
johntrudeau Wrote:Anyone help me find the fuel filter? I have a 1985 Ltd with 17,000 miles on it.

Hello John.
I have the identical bike to yours, I did a lot of work to mine last year after buying it, (it's a great bike)
sounds to me like you have a real jewel with such low mileage, here is a picture with the fuel filter location circled.
remember to turn the petcock off before working on any part of the fuel system and, no smoking please
fuel filter is on the left side just in front of the battery cover, only filter available is thru honda

when changing it remember that filter is under higher pressure than the carb'd version