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I have pretty much everything apart but to get the heads off do I have to remove timing belt and gears and tensioners?
Thanks... Channel locks to hold pulleys in place?
First things first Marty, get the crankshaft in the correct position for reassembly then pull the belts off. If the crank is correctly at TDC the left pulley will not turn when the belt is slacked off but the right pulley will rotate about 3 teeth which is no big deal because you just rotate it back into the correct position when you reinstall the belt. DO NOT TURN THE PULLEYS AFTER YOU REMOVE THE BELTS AND BE CERTAIN THAT NO VALVE IS STICKING OUT PAST THE HEAD OTHERWISE YOU WILL BEND A VALVE IF YOU SET IT DOWN ON A FLAT SURFACE WITH THE VALVES FACING DOWN.
One side off..
I see the problem Marty. One piston is up higher than the other. Push the high one down so it's equal to the other piston and everything should be OK. :lol:

P.S. Don't know how much coolant got into the engine but it would be wise to change the oil before you fire it up again. Just a small amount of coolant in the oil can do severe damage to crankshaft bearings.
Pistons were tough to move..... :mrgreen:

Can anyone tell me what size oring fits the bottom of the intakes?
Tropicalsuns Wrote:Pistons were tough to move..... :mrgreen:

Can anyone tell me what size oring fits the bottom of the intakes?

Marty I believe a Honda parts diagram will state the dimensions of O rings and seals

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please double check for your own bike I R computer challenged

PS Vic is teasing you - the pistons can be off by up to 3.567mm and it will still run :d
Marty, when I did mine I took the o rings to a local business called Allied Seals....they stock about every o ring known to mankind. They were able to match them up and didn't even charge me. Maybe your town has a similar industrial supply. I remember checking the hardware stores and they didn't have anything to match up.

Or - you can order from Honda, the numbers should be in the parts fish..........

good luck
Looking to clarify the parts I will need in for head gasket job

OEM Head gasket X2
Oil orifice o ring X2 for each head?
Intake o ring X4
Coolant pipe gasket X2
Exhaust gasket X4
Head cover gasket X2 (if needed)
Valve stem oilseals X8
Is there camhaft seal required ?

Just want to get it straight before I start, thanks
2 pieces: 12251-MG9-306 GASKET, CYL HD head gaskets

2 pieces: 91305-371-003 O-RING (6.5X1.5) oil control orifice large

2 pieces: 91308-371-003 O-RING (4.1X1.5) oil control orifice small

4 pieces: 91301-MG9-005 O-RING (35.5X2.6) intake manifold o-rings

2 pieces: 12328-MG9-000 GASKET, HEAD COVER valve cover gaskets

4 pieces: 91302-371-023 O-RING (21.9X2.3) coolant crossover tube o-rings

4 pieces: 12209-MB9-003 SEAL, VALVE STEM valve stem seals, Viton if possible

8 pieces: 90542-MB0-000 RUBBER, SETTING valve cover under the bolt gaskets

Or the upgraded parts...
Excellent, thanks a lot.
When I did my head gaskets, I was in fear of the valve timing changing while performing the maintenance. After getting the crank to the proper timing mark, I marked the belts/pulleys to the engine case in two additional locations. In this way, the factory marks and my marks would line up only one way! After reassembling, I checked the timing marks several times before I was convinced my timing was correct. Even after doing that, I started the bike with the spark plugs removed because I wanted to hear her spin freely.
Error on the side of caution - it is cheaper.

-Ride On
Quote:I started the bike with the spark plugs removed

that is one heck of a machine you got there.

Mine wouldn't even think about running with the plugs out.....

:mrgreen: :d
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