Full Version: Water pump
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1984 Interstate w/103K miles

Yesterday when I went to ride my bike there were drops of coolant under it coming from the water pump weep hole.
Looks like my next job will be to replace the water pump, this will be the first time to replace it.
I do have a 84 shop manual. Looking for advice, tips, cautions and do nots.

Get an OEM pump and gaskets, the job os not too bad.

DO NOT GET THE CHEAPER MADE IN INDIA PUMP AND PAPER THIN GASKETS FROM SABER CYCLES, if you do you will be doing the job several times over to get the gaskets to seal, and the pump does not last very long either.


The job is pretty easy. I agree with getting the OEM pump. It will save you time and money.
If you have a manual just follow the instructions. Not a major job.
One BIG tip...Before you begin the tear sure the trannie is in neutral.

Bob **==
Thanks to everyone for your help.