Full Version: Starter Rebuild
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Ok so I had a few minutes and decided to work on my starter. Well I got the three long screws out of the one end. But it still will not come all apart. It looks like I have to take the four screw out of the side, and the stud out to get the end off to change the brushes. It looks like the windings have to all come out in one assembly. If I am right any idea how to get them loose. They will not move. I put some penetrating oil on them to soak for awhile. I hope that will work. If it don't would some heat hurt anything..
Once the 3 long screws are completely removed the front and back cones should just pop off. You may have to tap on them a little to get them to unseat, but the long screws are the only thing that holds the ends on.

Here are some reference links to use while rebuilding:

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Excellent posts there.

The only thing I would add is to install a wire between the brush plate and a small nut and bolt added into the end cone to create a good ground. The starter usually slows down, especially when hot, due to a bad ground between a dirty brush plate and the motor casing.

[Image: strmod2.JPG]

[Image: strmod1.JPG]
Thanks for the info guys. I see the stud for the starter wire on the photos is in the end cap. On my 1984 its in the middle. I guess that is the wires holding the end cap on. Am I right in thinking then all is need is to remove the stud nut and drop it all apart. the end cap is already loose, but there is a wire holding it toghter..
It has been a couple of weeks. What is the progress on the starter?