Full Version: Temperature Readings
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have always noticed that everyone seems to have have temperature readings normal to their mc's but am wondering if its year related

poll may undercover some pertinent facts

poll will allow you to pick options for two temp readings and two different mc's
Earl, my (2) '87s are both different. My silver Aspy reads between 2 and 3 and my red Aspy is between 3 and 4.
... of course the poll is for those of us who ride these touring bikes as touring bikes and not from redlight to redlight? :d
sometimes I forget she has luggage! \:d/ btw - she doesn't suffer from carbon build-up.

-Ride On ~O) (with caffine)
On my GL1200 Aspencade (1986) my temperature reading are;
Two blocks when riding a steady 80 to 100 km/h on secondary roads.
Three blocks while riding 130 or more km/h on the freeway
Four blocks in city traffic, traffic jams etc.

At four blocks, the fan starts working and I never have seen it at more then four blocks.

Is this normal ?
According to the handbook: Normal operating temperature is between the 2nd and 8th segments.

Obviously your not overheating.... you would know Smile

sounds like it working like it should, mine very seldom exceeds 6-7 th segment unless a very hot day and stuck in traffic.
If the fan is working the system is working as it should, it could be the sending unit or poor electrical conduction in the wiring.

My bet is the sending unit.
my '84 use to show four bars but it's up to five bars now. I replaced the water pump a few years ago, now I think the thermostat might need to be replaced also