Full Version: Had to bump start the old girl today!!!
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I had been running around town with a few starts and stops and killed the engine for a minute to talk to a gate guard. Then wouldn't you know it the battery was too low to fire her up again. I think the lights may have been on (along with the back massager, cell phone charger, radio, ect) but she still didn't have enough juice to fire up even after everything was shut off and the headlight fuse was pulled.

Luckily she fired right up after I pushed her to a nearby slope and rolled down it kicking her into second gear.

The battery tested OK when I got home, a little low on the load test, but not too bad. I think the terminals may have been dirty causing a good reading on the charge to the voltmeter when running from the alternator, but maybe not getting a good charge/connection into the battery?

Anyway I cleaned all the terminals and wire connectors, they did look kinda cruddy, and we shall see what happens.

Darned battery is only 16 years old, so I should think it will last a bit longer yet!!

It is an Oddyssey battery after all.
16? they oughta give you a new one,complain
That is what I was thinking too!!!

Is that for real..16 years, if so its just gone to the top of my wanted for the bike might even convince the Mrs its a good idea
I agree with everyone else. 16 years is totally un-acceptable! Demand at least a pro-rated warranty! :lol: :lol: :lol:

When you get a new one, you'll know how long it will last. :d
Well the battery still works OK, but not good. During my training ride leading the Moto Escort riders for the upcoming Triathlon I had three starts in very short order and on the third start the battery was too low to kick her over.


Confusedhock: Confusedhock: Confusedhock:

New Oddyssey battery ordered and coming in the mail.
Is the odyssey battery needed for 1200 a PC680 or a PC545? Also do you need to order the terminals that bolt into top?
It is the PC680, better yet the PC680MJ (metal jacket for extreme heat, but not necessary.)
The bolts in the top attach through the cables on the bike just like the bolts on a regular battery connector, but they are more streamlined/clean looking.
unionjack Wrote:Darned battery is only 16 years old, so I should think it will last a bit longer yet!! It is an Oddyssey battery after all.

Back in 2001 I purchased my first Odyssey PC680 for my GL1200 and the dealer told me that my battery was the first one ever sold in Canada because the PC680 battery had just been introduced here. It even came with a full 5 year, not pro-rated garantee which has since been changed to 2 year pro-rated. I'm having a hard time believing that your Odyssey battery is 16 years old, because the factory estimated life expentancy of this battery is 3-10 years of service life , but, show me a legit copy of your purchase receipt and I'll believe it in a flash because anything is possible.
I bought the bike 9 1/2 years ago, and it came with the battery that is in it. I was told that it was about 6 plus years old at the time.
I am still using the Odyssey battery out of Vics bike in my lawn mower, I had it on one of those sunlight chargers all winter, it fired the lawn mower right up this spring.

$169 is the price tag on it. so they were expensive back then.

$125 at <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... yssey.html</a><!-- m --> I think is the best price around here
Found this one: Motobatteries on eBay


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Got mine Yesterday from Santa Anna CA. for $114.00 with free shipping, and it was sitting outside my front door when I got home today.

Already in the bike and tests so much stronger than the old one under my load tester. Plus the bike fires up with only the slightest tap on the start button.

I guess the old one had gradually been getting weaker over a long period of time, but even now it does still work (most of the time) no sudden death like the other batteries often do.