Full Version: Having to short starter relay to start the bike, new relay
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Ok, bought a new relay as the old one had melted... obviously bad. It starts and runs fine, save that I have to short the relay with a screwdriver to get it to turn over. Lights come on, and as I said, runs fine.

Anything I should definitely check first before checking the whole harness?

Thanks for any help!


PS, I didn't realize this is my first post. Could have sworn I had posted on here before, but I guess the forum is so great, I've found all answers to my questions before this Smile
first thing needed is the yr/mod of your 1200,pm me your email address and i'll send you the starter circuit schematic if your mc is 5-7,your problem now is that your solenoid isn't getting a 12v signal on the yellow/red wire from the starter button

most likely your solenoid "melted" because of a short or overheating at the solenoid connector,doing this mod will prevent the situation again

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if you bought one of the new style off ebay you can actually use tricky's mod but leave that ato
fuse circuit attached and use that as an auxiliary circuit,
It's an 85 1200A. PM on its way.
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I was a combination clutch switch (partially operable) and the neutral switch having a poor ground. Where does the ground on the neutral switch meet the frame? As I see it (in case I am wrong) the green/red from the relay (ground) runs and splits going to the clutch switch and the neutral switch. At the neutral switch it runs back out to the frame somewhere?