Full Version: Engine bars/Headers refittment technique?
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When I removed the engine bars I had a struggle and ended up taking off the headers as well and untangling them off the bike. Is there an easy way when I put it back together, ie will the bars go back on last when everything else it fitted and just awkward rather than impossible.
I have never been able to do one without the other at same time sorry
Thanks, I'm happy to struggle as long as I know it cant be done easily.
It's almost like a puzzle to get those things in place. Just take some time to twist/rotate them around and they should go in place, at the worst you'll just need to loosen the exhaust manifold a bit for extra clearance. Also, drive the stud through the engine so that it does not interfere with the puzzle solving process, then drive the stud back through to the other side when you install the opposite side. Trying to install them with the stud sticking out is an almost impossible feat. Don't worry, the engine will not fall down when you slide the stud over.
By 'stud' he means the front lower engine mounting through bolt. :-\

Not the mechanic lying on the floor under the bike! :d
There is no lower engine mount bolt at that position, it is a stud with nuts and washers on each end that will pass through the engine boss on either side. But, now that you mention it there is a graying and balding handsome old stud that works on my bike in my garage. :lol: