Full Version: Looking for a switch block
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I am adding some fog lights and a couple of other things to my '84 GL1200, and rather than drill holes through the lower cowlings, like was done by the P.O., I would like to find a switch block that mounts to say the clutch reservoir, or maybe the top of the left side controls.
I put new, unmolested, lower cowlings on my bike and just do not want to drill through them.
I would rather put new on the bike, but have been unable to find anything for this bike anywhere.
I have nothing against putting previously owned switch block on, as long as it works and is in good condition.
Thanks for any help you can offer.
if your any good with some tools an can fabricate an adapter plate this works excellent,you still have to mount relays somewheres as most switches cant handle any current above one or two amps

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i just happened to use a black left side switchbox,but there are other alternatives
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Thanks a million for the info.
I'll look around and see what I can find and build a mounting bracket for it.

They mount directly to the top of the brake reservoirs!
unionjack Wrote:Why?

They mount directly to the top of the brake reservoirs!

Not sure they will fit the 1200 properly, they are for 1500 & 1800

I built my own from a box available at an electronics store, to match the replacement CB & radio switchbox