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This may possibly help some.
Myself I use Progressive.
I need to rebuild the rear shocks on my 85 1200i and have read the Steve Saunders article on rebuilding shocks on <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> and also your article <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="">viewtopic.php?f=50&t=10747</a><!-- l -->. Are you and he talking about the same shocks?

In line with using your article, I read somewhere that the parts needed from Western Honda were ??. I can't find that reference now, so would you repeat the parts required? Please list items by part number and item name. The boots on my machine are shot, so I'll replace them also.

Thanks for your help
The pictures shown are from the Honda manual 84-85 and are the stock rear suspension.
I don't know what the shocks are in the Saunders site, they look like stock shocks.
You may be able to figure out what you need using a microfiche

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As far as the boot is concerned you can find a boot that will fit reasonably well at a local auto parts store, I shall try and find a number for you

I never did rebuild mine, I purchased Progressive shocks and springs
Thanks for the Sturgis reference. It has the IPB I needed. The seal remover pump looks like a grease gun that has an enclosed grease compartment. True?

certainly looks like it.
I think I used air, and had the shock inside a bucket covered in plastic.... long time ago

you can get some ideas here maybe

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Well, I got the shocks off today. The head on the right lower bolt was rounded by previous owners, so I had to weld a 1/2" nut on the outside to unscrew it. Found a used bolt set on EBay for $5, so that's on its way.

I bought a cheap grease gun from O'Reilly's with a rubber hose. I took the plunger out of the grease gun, welded a patch on the end of the grease barrel and covered the patch with epoxy. If the barrel doesn't leak tomorrow, I'll have a $137 Seal remover pump for $15.

The fittings on the hose were the wrong size and type to fit the shock fitting, so we chucked the hose into a lathe, cut one fitting down to .310", and used a 8-1.0 metric die to cut threads to fit the air inlet on the shock. It threads into the shock and seems to seal. I'll know more when I put pressure to it.

Working on the motorcycle reminds me of a similiar situation about four years ago when we got the $500 per person stimulus payment. I told everyone I was going to buy an old car to work on and bought a 78 El Camino with no motor and no transmission. The car is almost completed (A/C doesn't work yet), but it has always provided me with an excuse to spend time in the garage. Looks the cycle will be about the same.
Once you have the bike in good order, you wont be spending much time in the garage other than polishing....
a rubber tipped air hose nozzle is all u would have needed and about 20 lbs of air pressur
i know just the bolt that you are talking about,its got to be on the right side,if so grind back the boss so the the bolt head sticks put farther,worked on one here the guy did the same thing while he was trying to help me r&r his shocks,had to take one from my bike to get him out the door
dont know why ever made the boss that way
The shocks are now apart and waiting for new pieces. I made a compression tool consisting of 2 pieces of allthread with matching nuts and washers to compress the shock enough to extract the retaining clip. I then cut the top out of a 5 liter oil jug big enough to slide the shock in and started pumping ATF in to pop the pieces out. The pieces quit moving at the bottom of the outer shock cover, so I wrapped an air nozzle with plastic tape, applied low air pressure, and the pieces popped out. The second shock wasn't as cooperative because the guide would cock sideways right at the end of the outer shock cover. However, given enough PSI, it finally moved out. Now I'm waiting on parts.
tricky.......what kind of progreesive shocks you use? mine are shot, originals, i want to go progressive, where did you get your? i have a 86 aspencade, please help?
(05-09-2013, 05:03 PM)Cimmeron Wrote: [ -> ]tricky.......what kind of progreesive shocks you use? mine are shot, originals, i want to go progressive, where did you get your? i have a 86 aspencade, please help?

I installed Progressive 416's:

Search for dealers:
I am rebuilding and customizing a 1984 gl1200i and need to replace both front and back shocks. Is there really a difference between the gl1200 standard, I series, or A series on the rear shocks?
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